Stick to your promises

Most organizations know the formula for a Happy Customer

= ƒ (promised quality product; right cost; faster delivery)

But not many organizations deliver as promised in their quest to optimize the price, the speed and quality together.

When we try to deliver faster and reduce costs, we inevitably pull in quality also

In our pursuit to find more happy customers, we try to optimize this equation all the time.

And the net loser with all such optimizations is product quality. We compromise on quality to deliver faster; and we compromise on quality to reduce the cost.

In essence we do not optimize, instead we end up meeting customer’s nuanced needs while forgetting their basic need.

Can organizations become successful by keeping quality constant while delivering faster and cheaper?!

The answer does not lie in a mathematical formula, engineering miracles or operational techniques. It lies in the mindset of organizational leadership. It takes courage and longer-term vision to mandate zero compromise on quality, despite pressures to reduce costs and improve speed.

Leaders who recognize this simple fact create organizations that withstand the test of time.